“Científicos españoles reproducen en el laboratorio la pérdida de neuronas que da lugar a la enfermedad de Parkinson” (Eng)

Last week’s press release about the Control of Stem Cell Potency group’s discovery of disease-specific phenotypes in induced pluripotent stem cells from Parkinsons patients was covered by several newspapers, magazines and websites. These included daily business newspaper El Economista, online science magazine Tendencias 21, and Europapress, the major national news agency.

“Bionanotecnologías: pautas hacia la excelencia”

In their bulletin for February, the  Spanish Association of Biotechnology Companies (ASEBIO) published an editorial by the president of their scientific committee Emilio Muñoz, about the impact of bionanotechnology in Spain and guidelines for the future.

“Un chip implantado bajo la piel libera fármacos a voluntad”

IBEC director and head of the Biomaterials for Regenerative Therapies group Josep Planell was quoted as an expert opinion last week in an article in La Vanguardia. The story covered a new chip developed at MIT able to release drugs under the skin while dosage and timing is controlled wirelessly.