Cystic fibrosis – the fight continues

The clinical data for the project is provided via the group’s close collaboration with the Hospital Universitari Vall d’Hebron. This co-operation triangle of researchers, clinicians and the patient’s association, with the support of the Obra Social “La Caixa”, has the potential to make huge advances in the fight against this inherited condition which affects the lungs and digestive system.

On April 27th IBEC and ACFQ will organise an outreach event for National Cystic Fibrosis day, “El present i el futur de la Fibrosi Quística”, comprising an activity for high school students and a round table.

Pictured: Nuria Sanz (ACFQ), Josep Samitier, Eduard Torrents, Celestino Raya (ACFQ) and Jordi Portabella (Obra Social “La Caixa”)