Market-driven technology transfer

One of IBEC’s priorities is to translate its research, know-how, technologies and products to industry and to hospitals, ultimately for the benefit of  society.

We carry out Market-Driven Technology Transfer, managing our projects from a market perspective. As in many other research institutions, we identify and patent new discoveries and results, and offer our know-how to industry with contract research agreements or assessment. But our added value is our market focus.

We have a strong channel of communication with industry and are aware of their needs and constraints at every step of the process. We consult key opinion leaders to understand  market opportunities and limitations, and survey clinicians to understand current clinical practice and identify which products and services would be valuable. We incorporate regulatory affairs strategies to identify the best method to bring a product to  market and anticipate what our partners will need.


IBEC – your trusted partner

  • Please contact our Technology Transfer Office, who will facilitate the process and mediate between your company and the researchers.
  • We focus on the market; we don’t focus on research. We envisage new products and services.
  • Our research teams are multidisciplinary, with diverse skills and backgrounds, so IBEC can be your benchmark research partner.
  • We understand your company’s priorities. Share your needs and constraints with us; we’ve worked in industry positions before.
  • We look for the best funding opportunities for collaborative projects. IBEC’s Projects Office supports our scientists and their collaborators alike to identify sources, and helps them through the tricky application processes.