HealthTech World Cancer Day 2020 “Smarter technologies to beat cancer!”

Emerging smart health technologies including biotechnologies, nanotechnologies, robotics, photonics, advanced materials and digital health, are currently revolutionising the way we fight against cancer. Indeed, this disease remains a worldwide scourge. Cancer is a leading cause of mortality and morbidity, with huge unmet medical needs, still being fatal in almost half of diagnosed cases. In oncology, smart health technologies allow an earlier, more precise and less invasive diagnosis and a more efficient and less toxic treatment.

Participating to the HealthTech World Cancer Day is a unique chance to learn from the best experts of the domain in our country. During the event, thanks to the contribution of nanotechnology the latest advances in the diagnosis, cure and monitoring of patients will be presented.

Simultaneously in five European cities (Villejuif, Cork, Tel-Aviv Yafo, Braga and Barcelona) talented researchers from academia, entrepreneurs and clinicians will introduce their most recent solutions to prevent & cure cancer.

Indeed, great recent progresses in emerging MedTech enable the development of smart devices impacting every step of the journey of patient fighting against cancer:

  • Much earlier, more precise and less invasive diagnosis
  • Disease monitoring
  • More efficient & less toxic therapies
  • Personalised medicine
  • Accelerate the rehabilitation of cured patients

During the HTWCD 2020 event, they will present their work:

  • Jordi Alcaraz · University of Barcelona (UB): “Aberrant fibrotic and nanomechanical phenotypes of patient-derived fibroblasts in lung cancer: translational opportunities”
  • Neus G. Bastús · Institut Català de Nanociència i Nanotecnologia (ICN2): “Cationic Gold nanoparticles mediated mRNA cytoplasmatic-targeted delivery for production of CAR-T lymphocytes for Chronic Lymphoid Leukemia immunotherapy”
  • Samuel Sánchez · Bioengineering Institute of Catalonia (IBEC): “TERANOBOTS: nanorobots for bladder cancer theranostics”
  • Sara Larriba · Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBELL): “Semen miRNAs contained in exosomes as non-invasive biomarkers for prostate cancer diagnosis”
  • Esther Aguilar Fadó · Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC): “Aids from the AECC Scientific Foundation: a constant and stable support for quality cancer research”

The HealthTECH World Cancer Day was first held in 2013 and is organized at European level by the European Technology Platform for Nanomedicine (ETPN) under the European project NOBEL (continuation of the ENATRANS project) and locally by the different members of the ETPN in each country.