Horizon Europe revealed – but budget could be bigger

IBEC played an active role in lobbying on behalf of the research community during Horizon Europe’s elaboration in the last year via position papers, feedback at open consultations, participating in round tables or strategic forums, and providing feedback to relevant stakeholders. Some examples of policy-making documents developed by IBEC, as well as by networks in which IBEC is a partner, can be found here.

However, while the research community at large welcomes the proposal for Horizon Europe, they’re urging the European Commission to raise the budget from the suggested €100 billion to at least €160 billion in light of growing geopolitical challenges, as well as very high levels of competition. More than 4700 people from the science and innovation community across Europe and beyond have signed the petition so far.

“As a research community, the more and better we express our needs and wishes, the greater the benefits to us will be in the next framework programme,” says Javier Adrián, IBEC’s Head of Projects Office. “A budget increase will translate to more research calls and higher funding ratios for EU topics.”

If you’d like to add your name to the petition, do so at