IBEC and Israeli Ministry of Health join forces to promote nanomedicine

They aim to i‪ntroduc‬e‪ ‬the subject‪ and its potential contribution to human health‬ ‪to the general public‬, and describe some current areas of research. Xavier, who is head of the IBEC/CRESIB Joint Unit on Nanomalaria, talks about the bottlenecks still found in malaria treatment and describes his lab’s development of liposomal and polymeric nanovectors for the targeted delivery of antimalarial drugs to cells infected by the parasite. The clip was filmed at IBEC and then produced in Israel.

The collaboration with the CSO-MOH came about following IBEC Director Josep Samitier’s fact-finding visit to Israel with President of Catalonia Artur Mas in November 2013. Other scientists featured in the clip are Prof. Simon Benita, Director of the Institute for Drug Research at the The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Dr Kaspar Tars of the the Latvian Biomedical Research and Study Center.

The CSO-MOH is now going to make a third video on the subject of regenerative medicine, and will collaborate with IBEC again.

Watch the clip here:

(The first video in the series, which was on the Development of Nanoparticles for Diagnosis of Brain Diseases, can be seen here.)