IBEC at the 12th Festival de la Ciència

Finally, the volunteers at SPECS presented ‘Studying the brain with virtual-reality and interactive 3D’, where they presented several of the tools that they’ve developed to study the brain. Participants learnt that neuroscience is multidisciplinary, and relies on a combination of disciplines such as engineering, computing and physics.

On Saturday afternoon it was the turn of the ‘Bioengineering Laboratory’, an assortment of workshops and activities presented by of researchers Helena Lozano (Nanoscale Bioelectrical Characterization, Rafael Mestre (Smart Nano-Bio-Devices), Maider Badiola (Nanobioengineering) and Davia Prischich (Nanoprobes and Nanoswitches).

Participants could observe their cells in the microscope and find out about the role of cell mechanics in the body’s various tissues.

In ‘What is DNA?’, visitors were able to build a DNA chain model, and even extract DNA from a banana. Through these activities the researchers explained genetic manipulation and some of its techniques, such as CRISPR.