IBEC featured at the TV program “Five days at…”

The intention of the program is to “open the doors” and show what activities are are being carried out at the chosen spaces. It’s aim is to become “the eyes and ears” of the audience.

Núria Montserrat and Carmen Hurtado, from the “Pluritpotency for organ regeneration” group talk about the work they are doing at their laboratory in the generation of human organoids. In particular, kidney organoids to study what happens in a “sick” kidney for example with diabetes, and how they can find a cure. In this group, they work with the 3D bioprinter to generate these tissues and organs, and in particular they work with heart and kidney tissue.

Tània Patiño and Rafael Mestre, from the “Smart nano-bio-devices” group, work on the development of nanorobots that are able to self-propel thanks to the substances found in our body, such as glucose or urea, so it is possible to create targeted drugs that are more efficient and selective.

Silvia Pujals and Teodora Andrian of the “Nanoscopy for nanomedicine” group work with the super-resolution  microscipy, which allows us to go beyond what the laws of physics foresee and observe extremely small structures.

Finnaly, Samuel Sánchez, principal investigator of the “Smart nano-bio-devices” group, explains that his group is made up of people from very different science backgrounds. Having such a multidisciplinary team creates a synergy within the group that allows to carry out research at the highest level.

You can watch the program here