IBEC signs an agreement with MICIU to acquire a Mask Aligner

The new Mask Alginer equipment will be used to carry out photolithography processes. These processes are used in the manufacture of microfluidic and microelectronic devices such as Lab-on-a-Chip. This facility will replace the current system and will allow a better response to the needs present in the area of ​​research and development of bioengineering devices, biomedicine and the development of diagnostic systems.

This will reduce the manufacturing time of the mentioned devices, moreover improving their quality. In addition, the self-service operating system of the Facilities will be enhanced, given that it will give researchers more autonomy.

According to Isabel Oliveira, Head of Core Facilities: “We have obtained this co-financing for the purchase of this equipment, because our Facilities Microfab and Microscopy Characterization, are part of a distributed ICTS (Singular Scientific and Technical Infrastructure) called NANBIOSIS.”