IBEC-mentored student wins prize for research project

Image: (l-r) Anna Crespo and Mark Gutierrez with teacher Josep Guardia, director of the PCB Ignasi Belda, and Josep M. Fernández from the UB. Photo: PCB.

Winner Mark Gutierrez, who goes to school at La Salle Manlleu, carried out his research project under the supervision of Anna Crespo, a PhD student in the Bacterial infections: antimicrobial therapies group at IBEC. His project, “El món bacterià: Estudi comparatiu entre l’acció dels antibiòtics i la dels tractaments naturals sobre els bacteris i de l’aparició de resistències”, will also be presented alongside the other two winning ones at the ‘Fira Recerca en Directe’, which this year will be held at CosmoCaixa from 3rd-6th May.

Mark was one of three winners among the 40 students elected to participate in BATX2LAB in the last round. In total, the programme received 123 applications.

To read an interview with Mark, visit IBEC’s outreach blog.