IBEC named as Centre of Excellence for health in new EC report

The other European organizations named as Health CoEs are CEA/LET in Grenoble, Trinity College Dublin, Kings College London, and Erasmus University Medical Centre in Rotterdam. Their USA equivalents are given as the Boston Medical Center, John Hopkins in Baltimore, and the Texas Medical Center in Houston.

The report, “Study on EU Positioning: An Analysis of the International Positioning of the EU Using Revealed Comparative Advantages and the Control of Key Technologies”, has been put together by the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research in Karlsruhe, Germany, and IDEA Consult in Brussels. It provides an assessment of the international positioning of the EU with respect to research and innovation in each of the thematic areas funded in Horizon 2020, including identification of centres of excellence in those areas.

The report, which was commissioned as a response to the challenges faced by the EU in maintaining its international postioning in terms of trade and influence with intense competition from the USA and China, states that its diagnosis of the competitive position of Europe is based on a literature review and more than 30 expert interviews.