IBEC researchers share their stories in CosmoCaixa exhibition

Juan Crespo, Jérôme Noailly, Oscar Castaño, Rosa Letizia Zaffino, Ester Rodríguez and Isabel Oliveira all appear in videos in the hands-on exhibition, explaining what motivated them to chose their careers in science, and describing the various fields they’re working in. With these testimonials from ‘real’ researchers, which also feature people working at several of the other institutions in Barcelona and around, the budding scientists can learn about the various fields of science, see what sort of different career paths it’s possible to take, and hear about the rewards – as well as the difficulties – of a career as a researcher.

The exhibition, which also includes virtual experiments and games, is on show at the CosmoCaixa museum, Carrer d’Isaac Newton 26, and is open every day from 10.00 to 20:00.

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