IBEC starts a new cycle of seminars

The theme chosen by professor Anselmetti for this first seminar was “Bionanoscience: Mechanisms of Regulated Interaction, Switching and Control at the Single Molecule Level”.

Professor Anselmetti is co-funder and research member of the Bielefeld Institute for BioPhysics and Nanoscience (BINAS). He is also member of the Research Council at Bielefeld University and is a full member of the Nordrhine-Westfalian Academy of Sciences.

Teresa Sanchis, Head of General Projects at IBEC said in a brief opening message that the aim of these seminars´ was to provide a valuable opportunity for researchers to expose their work to relevant audiences and within a research centre known for its excellence.

In 2009, the IBEC seminars will be held on Fridays, every two weeks.