IBEC stays connected – find out our online activities!

In the following section, you will find a list of IBEC activities you can follow online. Some of them are yet to come, and others have already past, but you can always check them as they are available on the institute’s social media platforms.


Each week we offer a webinar given by our group leaders at IBEC. If you missed the past 4 webinars or can’t attend the ones yet to come, you can watch them in our YouTube channel.

Upcoming webinars:

IBEC Outreach activities

Outreach activities have not ceased either, although some of the activities will be postponed until we can experiment with science together, hopefully soon!

We held an online session on science communication at the “Crazy about Bioengineering”, a programme from Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera aimed at students in their last two years of high school who are interested in a scientific career.

Via Instagram, we also started a weekly quiz held each Friday which consists of 3 to 5 questions related to different research fields of our institute. Each week we post a “Bioengineering shot” on a specific theme and on Friday… it’s quiz time! The quizzes and bioengineering shots are always available in our Instagram profile, in our highlights.

Our latest initiative was a live experimental session called “Ciencia con inGenio” where thanks to our researchers, Júlia Rodríguez and Ferran Velasco from the Biosensors for Bioengineering Group, people at their homes were able to extract their own ADN and observe it! The video is available in our Youtube channel and it’s being a great success!


On April 23rd, Sant Jordi is a very special day in Catalonia, also known as “the day of the roses and books” we would normally sell roses at our institute and the funds would be destined to our research fundraising campaigns. As this was not possible, we shared on our YouTube channel the video “A Rose for Science” on how to create a paper rose and encouraged our followers to share it through social media.

An upcoming event is the “Research4Talent” that is to be held next 20th May from 9.30 to 13.30 at the Teams platform. On this day, we will “open our doors” virtually to undergraduate & master’s students interested in a research career. The day is a chance to talk to our researchers and ask them questions about their day-to-day work in the lab, career paths, work-life balance, mobility etc.

Despite the circumstances, we have adapted to continue offering online content about the fascinating field of bioengineering and to remain, more than ever, connected with all of you.