IBEC student headed for Michigan with Daniel Bravo scholarship

His group leader there will be IBEC alumnus Aitor Aguirre, who’s now Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering.

“In the last couple of years I’ve demonstrated for the first time that lactate is able to modulate the microenvironment of the postnatal heart, promoting the regeneration of the cardiac tissue,” Jesús explains. “This finding could provide a new strategy to cure the cardiac muscle after an injury such as heart attack.”

His stay with Dr. Aguirre, who has extensive experience in human stem cells and metabolism, will enhance this line of research by diluting and characterizing the signaling pathways through which lactate can promote cardiac regeneration.

The other two winners of this year’s Daniel Bravo scholarships are Laura García from the University of Barcelona and Alejandro Pérez from Hospital Sant Joan de Déu.