IBEC success in Human Brain Project funding call

The winning projects will contribute to the aims of the HBP, one of the two Future and Emerging Technology (FET) Flagships funded by the European Commission to address the big scientific and technological challenges of the age through long-term, multidisciplinary efforts. Thanks to their success in this Call, the project partners – including IBEC – will be integrated in the broader HBP Consortium, which will soon submit a proposal to the European Commission for the financing of the next phase of HBP under Horizon 2020. If the proposal is successful, the next phase of the HBP will start in April 2016.

This CEol was part of the commitment of the HBP to allocate €8.9m to Systems and Cognitive Neuroscience in the next two years. The other three awarded projects address episodic memory as a faculty for spatiotemporal, multisensory integration, encoding and reconstruction; how the brain achieves invariant and context-sensitive representations of objects from multi-sensory stimulation; and the question of consciousness and study information processing, the modulation of arousal levels, and brain injury.

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