IBEC supports the EU initiative “Coronavirus Global Response”

“We are doing big things, but for that we need the support of our society and governments, and we need to invest in science.”

Carmen Hurtado, IBEC Researcher

The aim is to gather significant funding to ensure the collaborative development and universal deployment of diagnostics, treatments and vaccines against coronavirus.

Funds raised

In few days, the initiative raised 7.4 Billion Euros, of a total of 7.5 Billion initially planned. The map with the contributions by Countries can be found here.

Carmen Hurtado, from the Group of ICREA Professor Núria Montserrat at IBEC in Barcelona contributed to spread the word of the initiative in the social networks. See video by EU with Carmen Hurtado here.

Where the pledges go to:

The pledges raised during this initiative will focus on the three most pressing needs:

  • New tests to rapidly diagnose the disease. These tests need to be accurate and easily accessible.
  • New treatments to minimise symptoms in coronavirus patients, so fewer people have to go to hospital.
  • New vaccines to protect people, to prevent the disease from coming back, and to allow us to return to normal life.

From where the pledges come from:

– Countries and organisations
As of 4 May, all countries, international organisations or financial institutions will be able to pledge to help reach the funding target of €7.5 billion in initial funding.

– Companies
Private sector companies can also make a pledge.

– Citizens
People can show their support for the call by interacting on-line, spreading awareness about the initiative and encouraging companies to pitch in. They can also contact partner organisations directly.

More information about EU initiative here.
Follow and spread the EU initiative on social networks by using: #GlobalResponse