IBEC takes part in Connect-EU day

Organized by the Catalan business support agency ACC1Ó, the Generalitat’s Agència de Gestió d’Ajuts Universitaris i de Recerca (AGAUR) and CERCA, the day’s events focussed on FP7 opportunities in 2012, as well as introducing Horizon 2020, the new European framework programme that will take over in 2014.

IBEC Associate Director Josep Samitier chaired a session centred on the HEALTH programme, just one of the many activities to showcase the Strategic Research Agenda developed by the Connect-EU Nanobio+Nanomed group in 2011 in order to define Catalan research priorities in nanobiotechnology, particularly in nanomedicine. IBEC also played a key role at the parallel session focussing on how Catalan public-private partnerships can succeed at European level, when head of Corporate Projects Arantxa Sanz presented as an example the MySpine project, which counts among its partners the Catalan company CETIR Grup Mèdic.

In addition, the conference participants had the possibility to meet the reference European Officers, National Contact Points and speakers. All presentations from the conference, which took part on 20th September, are available for viewing on the Connect-EU webpage here.

For more information about the IBEC-led Connect-EU Nanobio+Nanomed group, visit the dedicated website at

Photos: © ACC1Ó