IBEC’s sixth reSearch4Talent open doors edition goes online

Due to the current pandemic outbreak, the event took place online last May 22. We welcomed the students with a presentation about the institute from IBEC’s talent and education deputy and Group Leader Elena Martínez, followed by specific information about applications and admissions from Ciara Boter of the HR department. To finish with the presentations, Srivatsava Viswanadha Venkata Naga Sai, PhD at IBEC, shared his experience as doctoral student and did a brief presentation of the PhD Committee, which was set up in 2013 to enable students to have a voice in the running of the institute and to organize events of their own.

After that, five parallel sessions took place, in each session five IBEC research groups had the opportunity to explain their research and answer the participant’s questions. Each session lasted for half an hour and a total of 24 groups had chance to participate in these sessions. The participants could choose which meetings to attend and could jump from one session to the other freely.