Nanorobots hit the media

A team of researchers led by Samuel Sánchez from IBEC appear in different media for the study published in the prestigious journal Science Robotics, where for the first time they have monitored the behavior of millions of nanorobots inside the bladder of living mice.

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The study reveals a coordinated movement, similar to schools of fish. These “swimmers” promise a revolution in the field of medicine, especially for the treatment of bladder tumors. Their applications are very varied: from the identification of tumour cells, to the release of drugs in specific locations of the body.

Nanorobots show collective movements similar to those found in nature, such as birds flying in flocks, or the orderly patterns that schools of fish follow



Samuel Sánchez, ICREA Research Professor at IBEC 

You can see his appearance on “Televisión española”:


You can listen to the interview with Samuel Sánchez on Cadena SER, in the program “Hoy por Hoy”:

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You can also listen the section dedicated to this study in the radio program “Las mañanas de RNE con Pepa Fernández“.