IBEC and ICMS reunite once more at their Annual Collaborative Symposium

Today, on March 14th, the joint ICMS-IBEC symposium took place. This event was co-organized by IBEC and the Institute for Complex Molecular Systems (ICMS). Throughout the conference, researchers from both IBEC and ICMS presented their areas of research, aiming to enhance the scientific collaboration between the two institutions.

IBEC Drives Dialogue on Innovations in Personalized Medicine and Emerging Therapies at Barcelona Health Innovation Week

Today, on February 14, IBEC organized the roundtable “Challenges in Innovation in Personalized Medicine and Emerging Therapies.” The event is part of Barcelona Health Innovation Week, organized by Biocat. It fostered a dialogue where experts from diverse fields shared their perspectives on identifying opportunities to propel the utilization of new technologies in the healthcare sector.

Nanomedicine experts gather on World Cancer Nanoday

Once again, experts in nanomedicine from various fields gathered in Barcelona on the occasion of World Cancer Day. The meeting provided an opportunity to showcase the latest innovations in nanomedicine for combating cancer, covering topics such as early diagnosis, controlled drug release, and radiotherapy employing nanoparticles.