Neurochem’s Workshop on Bioinspired Computation for Chemical Sensing

Last week the University of Barcelona, as a coordinator of the  EU-FP7 Neurochem Project, joined with IBEC to organize the Workshop on Bioinspired Computation for Chemical Sensing, which was held on 9-11 March at the Hotel Senator in Barcelona. The focus of the workshop was on signal processing techniques inspired by the olfactory system and computational models of the biological olfactory pathway.

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“We had a very successful event with a total of 68 researchers attending, which included some of the most prominent researchers in the field,” said Jordi Fonollosa, Neurochem Project Manager in IBEC’s Artificial Olfaction group. “As well as the high-level presentations from ten invited speakers from the US, Europe and Japan, several project partners presented the results achieved so far, which encouraged further ideas and discussions and among the consortium members about how Neurochem might develop further.”

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For more news from the Artificial Olfaction group, download a recent press release on research published in the journal Talanta here.