Strategy and Policies on OS at IBEC


IBEC mission and vision, includes values related to OS:

  • Responsibility (Scientific and social): Responsibility is a commitment to the profession and thus acting according to principles of good faith, integrity, honesty, and transparent communication, […].
  • Openness: Externally, openness means explaining, making things understood, and establishing a trusting relationship with partners, employees, and society, acting openly and accurately in the delivery and communication of both scientific and non-scientific results. Internally, openness ensures the consistency and consequence of our own decisions, identifying a frame of reference that enables understanding.

Code of Conduct for Research Integrity,  among others, it sets criteria on: Publications and scientific Communications (Obligation to scientific communication, Open access) and Data management.

Research data management policy:

General framework for the management of the research data produced by IBEC. The policy intends to reaffirm the institution’s commitment with open science, specifically in making its research data as open as possible and as closed as necessary, following FAIR principles to make it findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable for the whole community.

Charter and Code (human resources strategy):

In April 2015 IBEC was awarded the “HR Excellence in Research” award from the European Commission. The Action Plan 2021-2024 of The Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) includes the action Ethics: Open Science.


Commission for Research Integrity:

The Commission for Research Integrity is a body with a double role: on the one hand it has an advisory role; on the other, it makes decisions on misconduct cases. Its main responsibilities are:

  • To promote and safeguard good research practice at IBEC.
  • To promote awareness and training for researchers at all career stages.
  • To monitor compliance with the Code and update it regularly.
  • To deal with allegations of research misconduct.
  • To follow up the Open Science strategy.

Monitoring and Working Committee for the Charter and Code:

15 IBEC members volunteered to oversee and impulse the renewal process.


IBEC Open Institutional Repositories

Repositories used by IBEC as institutional reference deposits for its open scientific outputs. Not all IBECs open resources are in these repositories, they may be in another ones.

Open Publications (Open Access)
Open Data
Open Educational Resources (OER)