It is vital that research in bioengineering and nanomedicine receives private support.
Without this help, our mission to conduct high quality investigation to find solutions
for novel, affordable medical technologies is an insurmountable challenge.

Josep Samitier, Director of IBEC

giovNo discovery in science could take place without basic research. The mission of IBEC is to achieve excellence in the fields of bioengineering and nanomedicine – to conduct research that can represent unforeseen opportunities for society and human health.

Today’s technology and quality of life are the results of investment in science in the past, and by supporting basic research today you are enabling progress in the future. Your support enables IBEC’s labs to seize opportunities, to react swiftly to fast developments in the scientific world and to ensure high-level work with state-of-the-art equipment and material.

Please help us stay at the forefront of high-level scientific research.

If you’d like to talk more about how your contribution could make a difference to IBEC’s crucial work in bioengineering and nanomedicine, please contact:

Ana González, Head of Finance
Ed. Administració | Baldiri Reixac 10-12 | 08028 | Barcelona
T. +34 934 039 703 |

Faster Future

In 2017 IBEC launched Faster Future, a new initiative that aims to help accelerate research projects that are close to tackling major challenges in health.

In its first year, Faster Future raised money for a new solution for muscular dystrophy being developed in Javier Ramon’s Biosensors for Bioengineering group. Their ‘muscle-on-a-chip’ will use a patient’s own cells to study myotonic dystrophy type 1, a progressive disability that begins in adulthood and affects 50,000 people in Spain alone.

As well as modelling the patient’s disease in a personalized way, the platform will also allow the study of different drugs or treatments in conditions that mimic the body as closely as possible, as well as offering a more reliable alternative to animal models.

The campaign, which opened on Giving Tuesday 2017, has raised the first 25,000€ needed to embark upon its final phases – but that doesn’t mean we’re stopping there. Further donations will help ensure that the muscle-on-a-chip can start making a difference to patients’ lives even sooner.

If you’d like to learn more about the project or make a donation, please visit IBEC’s Faster Future website.

Faster Future 2017 gratefully acknowledges the generous donations received from the following companies, as well as many individuals:

Other ways to help

There are a number of opportunities to direct your support according to personal preferences and interests:

  • Sponsor outreach activities for children and young students…
    Encourage the next generation of scientists by helping IBEC reach out to youngsters with engaging, hands-on lab tours and activities.
  • Support international events in science and technology….
    Companies wanting to reach out to relevant target groups from around the world can benefit from visibility and networking opportunities offered by our extensive programme of courses and conferences. Download the sponsorship brochure for more information about supporting IBEC events:
    Sponsorship dossier (English)
    Dossier de patrocini (Català)
    Dossier de patrocinio (Castellano)
  • Sponsor training programmes…
    Whether it is supporting a junior group leader through Tenure Track or sponsoring our regular of seminars featuring international speakers, your contribution can directly benefit young researchers.

Tax benefits

Tax Incentives of Patronage

Tax treatment of donations to the IBEC Foundation

The IBEC Foundation is a non-profit organisation protected by Law 49/2002, of 23rd December, on the tax treatment of non-profit organisations and the tax incentives of patronage.

In order to foster economic collaboration with the foundations protected by the aforementioned law, donations to entities of this sort are entitled to deductions on the income tax (for individual donors) or the business tax (for corporate donors).

  • 1. Individual donors
    Individual donors are entitled to a 75% tax deduction on their personal income tax on the first 150 € donated, and 30% (35% in case of recurrence) from 150 €  onwards. To calculate the deduction, individual donors should keep in mind that the deduction base can not exceed 10% of their tax base. Additionally, residents in Catalonia may apply an extra deduction of 25% on the % indicated above (75% + 25% or 30% + 25%).
  • 2. Corporate donors
    Corporate donors are entitled to reduce their business tax owed by 35% of the donated amount.
    Amounts that are donated during the current fiscal year but not deduced because the size of the taxable income is not large enough may be applied to the tax returns corresponding to the next 10 fiscal years. Like individuals, corporate donors must bear in mind that the deduction base must not exceed 10% of the company’s taxable income for the corresponding fiscal year, although any amount exceeding this limit may be applied to the tax returns corresponding to the next 10 fiscal years.

Previous campaigns


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