Platforms plan for the future

The platforms, which in addition to nanomedicine covers innovative medicines, health technology and biotechnology markets, came together to discuss how, in the economic crisis in which Horizon 2020 will arise, public-private collaboration is the way forward to make adequate progress in innovation in the next few years.

As IBEC assistant director Josep Samitier said in his overview of the activities of NanoMed Spain, this country ranks third in nanomedicine publications after China and the US, Barcelona being the second city for nanomedicine-related publications after Boston.While R+D in the field is still going strong, administrators, researchers and industry still need to put more effort into the translation of innovation to industry and society in line with Horizon 2020.

Together, the platforms will promote public-private cooperation to foster research and innovation in Spain’s national biomedical sector, making the most of national and EU’s opportunities, as well as venture capital and other private sources of funding.


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