Presenting IBEC’s 3D bioprinting capabilities at the second IN(3D)USTRY event

He also talked about the work by several IBEC groups, together with Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañón and Hospital Clinic, that was published in Materials Today earlier this year, which examined progess in de- and recellularization techniques alongside the use of this emerging technology to create promising tissue constructs.

Afterwards Josep took part in a round table with some other major players in 3D printing in Catalonia and beyond, including speakers from Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, Tractivus and the European Parliament. The round table was moderated by Manel Balcells, former Minister of Universities, Research and the Information Society and Health Comissioner at LEITAT.

“This meeting was very important for us, as 3D bioprinting is a strategic area of activity for IBEC,” says Xavier Rubies. “We’re already working on new medical solutions using 3D bioprinting for bone, cartilage, skin, diagnostic, cardiology, and muscle, as well as leading several national and international initiatives.”

IN(3D)USTRY, which was founded by Fira Barcelona and HP, is a platform for leading companies and other organisations to showcase the innovations and opportunities that the new technology can offer to countless projects and processes. It attracts professionals working in areas as diverse as as autos and aeronautics, architecture and habitat, retail and consumer goods and, of course, healthcare.

It’s one of eight major trade shows, including Expoquimia, Eurosurfas and the World Chemical Summit, that are making up Barcelona Industry Week at the Fira this week.