Samuel Stupp visits IBEC

Dr Samuel Stupp, member of IBEC´s International Scientific Committee, visited the Institute’s headquarters in Barcelona for the first time. The one-day visit, on Friday 21st of November, started with a meeting with doctor Josep Planell and Abel Riera, director and managing director of IBEC, respectively. Also present at the meeting were Teresa Sanchis and Arantxa Sanz, scientific project managers.

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During his visit, doctor Stupp gave an exclusive interview to El País newspaper, made a guided tour of the laboratories and the administrative area of IBEC and Barcelona´s Scientific Park (PCB). He was accompanied by Josep Planell, Elisabeth Engel, a senior researcher from IBEC´s Biomaterials, Implants and Tissue Engineering Programme, and Alvaro Mata, Coordinator of the Nanotechnology Platform at PCB.

The leaders of the fourteen research groups at IBEC, had the opportunity to share a working lunch with doctor Stupp at the Polo Club Restaurant.

Doctor Samuel Stupp is the director of the Institute for BioNanotechnology in Medicine at the Northwestern University. He is a member of the editorial board for the publication Soft Matter. He specialises in molecular self-assembly and his main research areas include developing biomaterials for regenerative medicine.