Secretary of State visits IBEC

In her welcome speech at B·Debate, Mrs. Vela, who earlier this summer presented IBEC Director Josep Samitier with IBEC’s Severo Ochoa Excellence Award in Madrid, described IBEC as ‘one of the most important biomedical centres’ among the twenty Severo Ochoa awardees for its exceptionally talented researchers and, in particular, for its emphasis on innovation.

Mrs. Vela’s visit follows immediately after the rip-roaringly successful 8th IBEC symposium that took place yesterday at Barcelona’s AXA auditorium. During the event, keynote speaker Prof. Michael Schneider from Imperial College London said that he was delighted to be invited to such a ‘terrific and dynamic’ institution as IBEC.

IBEC’s B·Debate event continues tomorrow, with sessions on “Validating New Animal Models” and “Playing Safe, Playing Fair”.