Telethon funds for collaborative project

The CIBER-BBN project ‘Desarrollo de Nanomedicinas para terapia enzimática sustitutiva en la enfermedad de Fabry’ is one of  20 biomedical projects to receive a slice of more than €7m from the foundation, which aims to foster and promote research into rare diseases, in part with its annual telethon ‘La Marató de TV3’. The project aims to obtain a new therapeutic nanoconjugate for substitutive enzymatic therapy in patients with Fabry disease, a hard-to-diagnose illness caused by the deficiency of an enzyme needed to metabolize lipids, which then build to harmful levels in the eyes, kidneys, and cardiovascular and nervous systems.

The IBEC groups of Fausto Sanz and María García-Parajo are involved in the project, which will run for another three years. The funding is awarded on a merit basis, and the total received by the Fabry project is one of the largest portions of the €7,120,569 total.

Visit the CIBER-BBN website for more details about the Fabry project.