The intestinal organoids hit the media


The work, published in the journal Nature Cell Biology has verified that forces determine and control the shape of the intestine and the movement of cells. Researchers have deciphered the mechanism by which the crypts adopt and maintain their concave shape and how the migration of cells towards the summits occurs without the intestine losing its characteristic folded shape. Furthermore, this new mini-intestine model will allow the study, under reproducible and real conditions, of diseases such as cancer, celiac disease or colitis.

Contrary to what was believed up until now, we have been able to determine that it is not the cells of the intestinal crypt that push the new ones up, but that it is the cells at the peak pulling the new ones up, akin to a mountaineer who helps another climber by pulling them up.

Gerardo Ceada (IBEC)

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Researchers discover how the intestinal epithelium folds and moves by measuring its forces