IBEC Mentoring Programme




Welcome to the second edition of the IBEC Mentoring Programme

The programme is conceived as a career development tool for postdoctoral researchers at IBEC.

Each postdoctoral researcher (mentee) participating in the programme will be chose a Mentor. Mentors will support postdoctoral researchers and will share their experiences as highly qualified scientists, as well as giving guidance and knowledge not only about IBEC but also about their particular scientific fields. The range of benefits for the mentees will range from sharing the mentors experiences and benefitting from his/her knowledge, to counselling to develop their qualification profile, establishing contacts, gaining access to the networks of mentors, or receiving feedback to facilitate self-assessment and to fully develop their career.

We are very excited to be putting into action something that up until now been an item for action within the framework of the Human Resource Strategy for Researchers according to the European Charter and Code. This Mentoring programme is an excellent opportunity to increase learning in new ways for all who participate; stronger relationships will be forged between senior Scientists and Postdoctoral researchers and of course it will increase IBEC’s visibility as a place for Excellent Career development in the world of scientific research.

The programme is funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation under the Severo Ochoa grant CEX2018-000789-S  (2019-2023).

General objectives:

  • Effectively supports the  continuous learning of others
  • Nurtures talent at IBEC
  • To enable researchers to realize their potential and aspire to excellence
  • To put into practice the commitment made within the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (implementing the Charter & Code), as well as that which has been planned in the BEST Programme for postdoctoral researchers and in our Strategic Plan 2018-2020
  • Foster networking and collaborations within IBEC


Benefits for Mentors

  • New learning, insights as supervisors and as team leaders (e.g. Provide feedback to others, understand other’s motivation)
  • Personal growth and satisfaction in identifying potential in others and in helping nurture the next generation of scientists
Benefits for Mentees

  • Develop new skills and capacities
  • Improve performance
  • Personal growth
  • Maximize their own potential through the identification and assumption of own strengths and weaknesses
  • Receive guidance and encouragement necessary for professional development
  • Progress to more senior roles within or outside IBEC, promoting their autonomy
  • Help to see opportunities and take up new challenges
  • Set challenges whilst building and developing confidence; management of over-confidence
  • Empowers young men and women researchers
  • Take responsibility and control for their own career management

Useful dates

27th July 2020. Mentors and Mentees Application.
14th September 2020. Mentor Training  / Networking Metees & Mentors  / Mentee Briefing
15th – 21st September 2020. Pairing to form Mentor-Mentee relationship.
24th Setembre 2020 – 15th June 2021. 6 Mentor-Mentee meeting to be held
January 2021. Meeting with Mentors to follow up and mutual learning session.
June 2021. Final meetings to be held / Programme evaluation (online questionnaire).




You can find the guidelines and applications forms for mentors and mentees in the public folder: Public Information/ Human Resources/ Mentoring

If you have any further questions please contact