Biomaterials for regenerative therapies

Elisabeth Engel López | Group Leader
Oscar Castaño Linares | Senior Researcher
Miguel Angel Mateos Timoneda | Senior Researcher
Soledad Pérez Amodio | Senior Researcher
Irene Cano Torres | PhD Student
Joan Martí Muñoz | PhD Student
Jesús Ordoño Fernández | PhD Student
Alessandra Soriente | PhD Student
Claudia Navarro Requena | Research Assistant
Gerard Rubí Sans | Research Assistant
Belén González Marín | Laboratory Technician
Albert Martí i Simó | Masters Student
Andrea Martin Vazquez | Masters Student
Alejandro Martínez Codes | Masters Student
Sergi Rey Viñolas | Masters Student
Robin Zagala | Masters Student

Former Member

Prof. Josep Planell | Director, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)


engel 2015 1

Endothelial precursor cells (red) seeded on ormoglass/PLA blends

Research in the Biomaterials for Regenerative Therapies group is devoted to the development and knowledge transfer to industry of innovative biomaterials and scaffolds for tissue regeneration.

We design, fabricate and characterise bioactive and biodegradable materials and investigate their interactions with biological entities, both in terms of their fundamental aspects and with specific applications for tissue engineering purposes in mind. The aim is the repair and functional restoration of tissues or organs by means of 3D scaffolds, cells and signals.

Two main research areas are being developed in the group:

engel 2015 2

Biomimetic hydrogel implanted in mouse calvaria for 6 weeks. H/E staining of an osteoclast resorbing the hydrogel.

Production of polymeric biomaterials using different fabrication techniques. By using a polymer nanoprecipitation technique, the group produced nanoparticles for antibiotic drug delivery (Baelo A. et al., 2015, Journal of Controlled Release) that effectively treated persistent bacterial infections. The use of a jet break-up polymer precipitation technique together with protein/peptide functionalization allowed the group to produce micro particles for effective cell delivery (Levato R. et al., 2015, Acta Biomaterialia).

The production of structured bioactive nanocomposites that can enhance vascularization, bone and skin regeneration, either by electrospinning, rapid prototyping or microparticles production. Recent advances describe a novel hybrid material which faithfully mimics the structure of bone’s extracellular matrix, recreating the molecular architecture and biochemical environment to surround cells with the proper stimuli to spread and grow (Sachot N et al., 2015, Nanoscale).

engel 2015 3

3D reconstruction of PLA fibers. Confocal microscopy using a fluorescent marker.

Other biomaterials developed in the group such as hybrid fibrous mats with different contents of calcium-releasing nanoparticles are able to induce angiogenesis in in vivo models (Oliveira H. et al., 2016, Acta Biomaterialia). In collaboration with the group of Rodriguez-Cabello from the University of Valladolid, the group developed microstructured biomimetic hydrogels using new crosslink methods that induce bone formation (Sánchez-Ferrero A. et al., 2015, Biomaterials).

In 2015, the Dermoglass project was selected for funding under the first CaixaImpulse call, a funding programme promoted by the Obra Social “la Caixa”, that aims to promote technology transfer in science.

hMSC embeded in PEG hydrogels. Cytoplasms are stained in red, nuclei in green.

hMSC embeded in PEG hydrogels. Cytoplasms are stained in red, nuclei in green.


IBEC group presents 4th generation biomaterial that mimics bone

IBEC researchers have published a paper in Nanoscale elucidating a brand new biomaterial that paves the way towards a fourth generation of effective structures for tissue regeneration.

IBEC groups join forces to combat chronic bacterial infections

A study published today in the Journal of Controlled Release describes a new nanoparticle strategy able to target hard-to tackle infections caused by biofilm-forming bacteria.

CIBER-BBN YSF in Biomaterials Award goes to IBEC researcher

Oscar Castaño, a senior researcher in IBEC’s Biomaterials for Regenerative Therapies group, has been awarded the CIBER-BBN YSF in Biomaterials prize for 2012-2014.

Televisió L’H: L’Informatiu 13-11-2014

Miguel Angel Mateos from the Biomaterials for Regenerative Therapies group was interviewed for Televisió L’Hospitalet after his participation in this year’s Setmana de la Ciència, for which he gave a talk entitled “Regeneració de teixits : com nou” at the Centre Cultural Sant Josep on Wednesday.

“Inversió de Futur”

Josep A. Planell, rector of the UOC and Research Fellow at IBEC, appears in a new documentary about technology transfer in Catalonia, Inversió de Futur.

“Implants per autoregenerar el cervell”

The Biomaterials for Regenerative Therapies group has appeared on science programme ‘El problema de Gettier’. Junior group leader Elisabeth Engel talks about the group’s development of a tuned implant that could aid the regeneration of brain tissue, particularly in cases of pre- and postnatal injury.

Position for a PhD candidate to apply for the next 2014 FI call

Now closed

IBEC winner to give address at RecerCaixa ceremony

At Friday 28th March’s official ceremony for the 2013 round of RecerCaixa funding, IBEC junior group leader Elisabeth Engel will represent all the winners and centres as the investigator chosen to speak at the event.

Helping the brain rebuild itself

Tissue regeneration researchers at IBEC, UB and the UPC have developed an implant that could aid the regeneration of brain tissue, particularly in cases of pre- and postnatal injury.

RecerCaixa funding for IBEC projects

Awards will support researchers’ work on a system to aid rehabilitation in children, and improved healing in shoulder injuries.

Position for a PhD candidate to apply for the next 2013 FPU call of the Ministerio

Now closed

Media coverage of Dermoglass
10/2013 to 12/2013

Follow the media coverage of the Dermoglass crowdfunding project in the IBEC in the Media section of the web.

IBEC crowdfunding project now accepting donations!

IBEC’s very first venture into crowdfunding, which has come about as an initiative of the Biomaterials for Regenerative Therapies group, goes live today on the crowdfunding website

Josep A. Planell first Spanish scientist to receive European biomaterials prize

Josep A. Planell, founding director of IBEC, was presented with the European Society of Biomaterials’ prestigious George Winter prize at their annual conference held in Madrid on Tuesday.

Engineering biomaterials at the nanoscale

IBEC researchers have come up with a groundbreaking new approach to create a tough, biodegradable, bioactive and entirely new material, heralding a major milestone in the production of artificial matrices for tissue engineering. In a letter published today in the Royal Society journal Interface, the Biomaterials for Regenerative Therapies group describes a new, easy and cheap method for producing glass-coated fibrous scaffolds which not only faithfully mimic the extracellular matrix of bone, but also aim to direct stem cell fate through physical and chemical interactions.

A step towards repairing the central nervous system

Researchers from IBEC and the University of Barcelona have revealed a promising new strategy for regenerating the central nervous system, in a paper published in the journal Biomaterials.

Smart biomaterial promotes angiogenesis

IBEC researchers have stuck tissue engineering gold with the creation of a new ‘smart’ biomaterial that triggers angiogenesis by providing the biochemical and mechanical cues needed for the process to begin.

Developing a new solution to treat atherosclerosis

We’ve all eaten rich meals or fatty foods and joked that we can feel our ‘arteries hardening’. However, the reality of atherosclerosis – when fat, cholesterol, and other substances build up in the artery walls and form solid structures called plaques – is no joking matter. The consequences of this disorder can include stroke and coronary artery disease, the leading cause of death in many developed countries.

Green light for regeneration projects

The two IBEC-led CIBER-BBN tissue regeneration projects that were earmarked for funding by the EU’s ERA-NET EuroNanoMed initiative last year (see have both received the national support they need to get started.

New year, new name

IBEC director Josep Planell’s research group has changed its name and is now known as the Biomaterials for Regenerative Therapies group.

IBEC director elected to the Royal Academy of Science and Arts of Barcelona

In the beautiful surroundings of Academy House on Rambla dels Estudis last night, IBEC director Josep Planell was elected as Academician of the Royal Academy of Science and Arts of Barcelona (RACAB).

‘Biowaffle’ wins Image of the Year 2010

The lucky winners of the Image of the Year 2010 competition received their prizes today.

The regeneration game

Tackling tissue morphogenesis in humans “Oportunidades de crecimiento de los biomateriales en las tecnologías médicas”

An announcement on about 20 October’s Biocat-organised meeting on ‘Biomateriales: de la biónica hacia la regeneración y las terapias avanzadas’ at the Museo Colet in Barcelona.

The Guardian Supplement: Nanotechnology 2009 – Part 1

Josep Planell, Director of the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia, explains his work on tissue regeneration at the nanoscale.

Entrevista a Josep A. Planell al diari El Mundo

El passat 16 de setembre, el diari El Mundo, dins el seu suplement de Biotecnologia, va publicar una entrevista a Josep A. Planell, director de l’IBEC.


EU-funded projects
THE GRAIL Tissue in Host Engineering Guided Regeneration of Arterial Intimal Layer HEALTH Elisabeth Engel
Materiales angiogénicos nanoestructurados para fracturas óseas no consolidadas EURONANOMED Elisabeth Engel
Privately funded projects
BIOTENDON Tendon Tissue Engineering: A Helping Hand for Rotator Cuff Tears RECERCAIXA Elisabeth Engel
DERMOGLASS Smart dressing for the treatment of chronic wounds Obra Social La Caixa, Caixaimpulse Xavier Puñet
National projects
Diseño y desarrollo de Biomateriales bioactivos para la regeneración de la piel basada en la señalización controlada de liberación de iones I+D-Investigación fundamental no orientada Elisabeth Engel
Andamios diseñados para promover una vascularización eficiente para fracturas óseas no consolidadas I+D-Investigación fundamental no orientada Oscar Castaño
INSBIOMAT Biomateriales instructivos para regeneración cardíaca in vivo MINECO, Acciones Dinamización “Europa Excelencia” Elisabeth Engel
MatriCell: Desarrollo de partículas poliméricas para generar matrices extracelulares in vitro MINECO, Retos investigación: Proyectos I+D Elisabeth Engel


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  • Surface characterization equipment (contact angle, Z potential, nanoindenter)
  • Cell culture facilities
  • Molecular Biology equipment: protein and DNA electrophoresis
  • Thermocycler (PCR)
  • Rapid prototyping tool (part of the Production of biomaterials and nanoparticles platform of the CIBER-BBN)
  • Peptide synthetiser
  • Combustion furnace
  • Electrospinning device
  • Spin-coater
  • Vibrational viscosimeter
  • ElectroForce® BioDynamic® test instrument


  • Dr. Ernest Mendoza
    Applied Nanomaterials Laboratory, Research Centre in Nanoengineering, Technical University of Catalonia (UPC, BarcelonaTech), Spain
  • Dr. Izabella Rajzer
    Institute of Textile Engineering and Polymer Materials, University of Bielsko-Biala, Poland
  • Dr. José María Mora
    Servei de cirurgia ortopédica i traumatológica, Consorci Hospital de Terrassa, Spain
  • Dr. Matilde Alonso
    Dept. de Física de la Materia Condensada, Universidad de Valladolid, Spain
  • Dr. Mercè Alsina
    Servicio de Dermatología, Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, Spain
  • Dr. Soledad Alcántara
    Grup de Desenvolupament Neural, IDIBELL, University of Barcelona, Spain
  • Prof. Aldrik Velders
    Microwave and Sustainable Organic Chemistry Department, University of Twente and Wageningen Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Centre (WNMRC), The Netherlands
  • Prof. Didier Letourneur
    Laboratoire de Bioingénierie Cardiovasculaire, INSERM, University Denis Diderot-Paris 7, Paris, France
  • Prof. Dirk Grijpma
    Department of Biomaterials Science and Technology, University of Twente, Twente, The Netherlands
  • Prof. Francesco Serino
    Department of Vascular Surgery, Istituto Dermatologico dell’Immacolata (IDI), Rome, Italy
  • Dr. Jerónimo Blanco
    Institut de Ciències Cardiovasculars de Catalunya and CSIC, Barcelona, Spain
  • Dr. Joelle Amedee
    INSERM, University of Bordeaux Segolen, Bordeaux, France
  • Dr. José Becerra Ratia
    Dept. Biología Celular, Genética y Fisiología, Universidad de Málaga, Spain
  • Dr. José Carlos Rodríguez-Cabello
    Dept. de Física de la Materia Condensada, Universidad de Valladolid, Spain
  • Dr. Julia Buján
    Dept. de Ciencias Morfológicas y Cirugía, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de Alcalá de Henares, Spain
  • Dr. Małgorzata Lewandowska
    Faculty of Materials Science & Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology (WUT), Poland
  • Dr. Manuel Doblaré
    Group of Structural Mechanics and Materials Modelling, Institute of Engineering Research, (I3A), Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain
  • Dr. Margarita Calonge
    Institute of Ophthalmobiology (IOBA), Universidad de Valladolid, Spain
  • Dr. María Vallet Regí
    Facultad de Farmacia, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain
  • Dr. Mário Barbosa
    New Therapies group, Institute for Biomedical Engineering (INEB), University of Porto, Portugal
  • Prof. Mateo Santin
    Brighton Studies in Tissue Mimicry and Aided Regeneration (BrightSTAR) Research Group, University of Brighton, UK
  • Prof. Wouter J.A. Dhert & Dr. Jos Malda
    Department of Orthopaedics, University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands

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