Research news

Enzyme-powered nanomotors deliver anti-cancer drugs more efficiently

IBEC researchers have demonstrated that their enzyme-powered nanobots show a marked improvement in drug delivery efficiency over passive ones.

The Advanced Functional Materials paper is the result of two years of work at IBEC, where Samuel Sanchez’s group has been experimenting with enzyme catalysis to power micro- and nanomotors. By consuming biocompatible fuels, these nanoparticles can then be used for biomedical applications such as targeted drug delivery to cancer cells.

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Other news

Another IBEC winner nets a Premi PIONER

Maria Valls from IBEC’s Biomimetic systems for cell engineering group has won a PIONER prize from CERCA for her doctoral thesis.

She’s the second ever IBEC winner of one of these prestigious prizes, which since their launch in 2014 have recognised theses with results that are clearly aimed at commercial exploitation.

The jury described her thesis, ‘Development of an advanced 3D culture system for human cardiac tissue engineering’, as having “a high degree of complexity and promising results, which combines different disciplines within the field of bioengineering to create a bioreactor”.

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