A 360º girl

Everyone said to Berta that she had to be a journalist and write articles for a magazine (specifically celebrity and gossip magazine), but she decided to change words for numbers and studied Business Administration and Management at the UB, that got her to work at the finance department at IBEC.

Berta came to IBEC in 2018, when she was 21 to do her internship for the university degree. At the beginning she started with basic tasks such as record of invoices, file documents and help her colleagues as much as possible. Then, she started to work part time at IBEC and since March 2019 she is working full time at the finances department.

At this department, their more precious tool is the famous SAP, which allows them to keep track of all the accounting, and all the projects in IBEC. Berta used to take care of travel reimbursements (oh, that good old traveling days), she posts invoices, makes payments, enters delivery notes, purchasing orders… Just for you to imagine the number of orders that she can process, in only 9 months she managed about 3500 orders.

Also, for some time she took care of IBEC purchases due to the absence of one of her colleagues. But as Berta says “Don’t think that two days are the same, new things always come out that we have to deal with. The orders are always different, they have to be cleared from customs, we have to make reports, look for alternatives or negotiate prices”.

As you can see, her job is very varied, she is like a “4×4: Berta-of-all-trades”. Berta not only does different tasks at the finance department, but she has also helped the core facilities unit and the communications department when there was a time when people used to go to congresses.

Berta is very proud of having started at IBEC when she was still in college and gone through various stages until reaching her current position. Having done many different jobs has made it possible for her to understand how IBEC works in full.

We are sure that any of you have been to the finance department, either to collect packages or to reimburse travel expenses, so we are almost a 100% sure that you have met Berta, she gets along with everyone! And for those of you who used to travel or buy A LOT, we are sure you are close friends with her!

Berta loves talking and meeting new people and she is always in for a plan. Maybe you have seen her at the “PhD calçotada” or having the time of her life at the Christmas party, together with her finance colleagues. Working at IBEC has given her the chance of meeting a lot of different people from all over the world, and that is one of the things she values the most of working here, meeting new IBECers year after year!

As we mentioned earlier, when she was just a child, everyone told her she should be a journalist, because she knows how to treat people and loves a conversation. We know that her job doesn’t quite fit these expectations but working at the finance department is not only about numbers: she knows all the ins and outs of IBEC and she also gets the chance to talk and meet people. Information and conversation, the two keys necessary for our IBEC’s finance journalist specialist 😊

So, you know, next time you get on a plane to go to a congress or when you but the latest gadget for your lab, you will probably meet Berta, and she will be more than pleased to help you with anything you need!