A “Crazy about bioengineering” transmits her passion for nanotechnology to her classmates

In this work, the students collect all the relevant information on nanotechnology in a report and highlight relevant news from IBECsuch as the visit of the Minister of Science, or our research in organoids and in rare diseases. In addition, these “crazy about bioengineering” interview Anna Lagunas, a researcher in the nanobioengineering group at IBEC and discuss the impact of nanotechnology on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in the not too distant future.

Entrevista a Anna Lagunas

Marina Pujol is one of the 24 students in the “Crazy about Bioengineering 2021″ program and thanks to her participation in this program, two classmates have been able to share their passion for science. Together with Irene Peribañez and Emma Gilthey have entered the world of nanoscience and have been able to speak with Anna Lagunas to whom they have been able to ask all their doubts and concerns and with whom they have shared their vision of the future on the application of nanoscience in medicine and health.

The work arose as a result of the subject of “science in the contemporary world” that tries to give the students a global vision of science, independently of which is the chosen modality of their baccalaureate.

“The topic to follow was that of “new technologies”, but we could direct and focus the work towards the field we wanted. We wanted to focus it on the health field, and since I participate in the program “crazy about bioengineering”, we decided that an interesting topic could be nanotechnology, which is linked to nanomedicine. ” Marina Pujol

Science education programs such asCrazy about Bioengineering” are an example of how science reaches the classroom and awakens scientific vocations among the youngest, while promoting female references in STEAM careers. 

You can watch the video here