Biannual meeting of NanoMed Spain

The committee members, who are headed by IBEC Associate Director Josep Samitier and include representatives from NanoMed Spain’s partner companies, research centres and hospitals, discussed a variety of topics including reviewing the role and mission of the Platform in the next couple of years, in the light of the changeover from FP7 to Horizon 2020 and the possible changes in science policy in Spain.

Also on the agenda was a proposed new document, ‘Roadmap for innovation in nanomedicine in Spain’; a discussion about to fostering cooperations with other platforms and industrial associations in areas such as environment and food; the fifth annual conference in February; and how to improve networking and outreach with a new website and newsletter.

NanoMed Spain involves over 100 partners from all over the country and aims to promote nanomedicine’s technological development and clinical transfer through the definition of strategic policies, strengthen Spain’s participation in international initiatives and disseminate nanomedicine results to society at large.