B·Debate reviews what nanotechnology can offer health

IBEC group leader Pau Gorostiza gave a talk on the control of neurotransmission with light on the first day of the three-day event, which is devoted to discussing the fundamental aspects of drug delivery, diagnostics, novel applications, and the risks related to nanotechnologies.

Other participants at the closed debate, which is being attended by more than 80 big names from the field, included Ruth Duncan, Director of the Centre for Polymer Therapeutics at Cardiff University, UK; Yoshinobu Baba, Nagoya University, Japan; immunotoxicity expert Marina Dobrovolskaia from New York; and George Georgiou, Cockrell Endowed Professor at the University of Texas.

The B·Debate events, an initiative of Biocat and the La Caixa Foundation, are top-notch scientific meetings that invite experts from all over the world to get together with scientists working in Barcelona and Catalonia. The idea behind them is to create a think-tank atmosphere to promote vivid discussions, generate innovative ideas and draw powerful conclusions. Other B·Debate events have covered such diverse topics as ageing, innovative technology to improve knowledge of the human genome, food resources, climate change and new energy sources.

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