World experts convene for nanomedicine workshop

IBEC director Josep Samitier addressed the audience on the subject of ‘Nanomedicine in Catalonia: Present and Future’ at the event, which aimed to foster dialogue and knowledge transfer between key scientists in nanotechnology on how to tackle current issues and future challenges. Catalonia is the pioneer region of Spain in nanomedicine, with its growing number of biotech, chemical and pharmaceutical companies that are prioritizing nanotech research and applications.

Other speakers at the workshop included Kostas Kostarelos from UCL, who discussed ‘Looking and listening to light from liposome nanostructures for cancer theranostics’, and Marina Dobrovolsckaia from New York’s Nanotechnology Characterization Laboratory (NCL) at the National Cancer Institute (NCI), who is an expert in nanoparticle immunotoxicity.

The day also provided a platform for groups doing basic research to connect with those involved in applied research, as well as with biotech companies interested in new patents and offering the capacity to develop applications.