BRIGHTER on the radio

Elena Martínez, main researcher at IBEC, appears on radio 5, from RTVE, for her research on the creation of artificial skin that could be used to replace some animal experimentation methods.

In the RTVE radio report focused on alternative methods to animal experimentation, in this case, on artificial human skin, Elena Martínez, leader of the Biomimetic systems for cell engineering group is interviewed. The reportage seeks to show the need for alternative methods for animal experimentation in order to dispense of them in the future.

Elena Martínez presents the BRIGHTER project, that has the main objective of developing and applying Light Sheet Bioprinting for the creation of complex and accurate in vitro models adequate for its use both in the pharmaceutical industry (testing of cosmetics and drugs) and in basic research, reducing animal experimentation. 

You can listen the reportage of RTVE on radio 5 here: