3D bioprinting for an advanced gut-on-chip model

The innovative device contains a 3D bioprinted channel with structures that mimic intestinal villi and reproduce the compartments of the intestinal mucosa. For the first time, electrodes have been incorporated into the system to monitor the formation of the intestinal barrier in real time. The device is highly versatile and has potential applications in disease modelling and drug screening.

IBEC engages in two public-private partnerships for biomedical breakthroughs

IBEC and Vitala, a spin-off founded by IBEC researchers, are set to participate in three public-private partnership projects, with a combined investment nearing €4 million. These initiatives, backed by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation and the State Research Agency, aim to advance remote health monitoring, create an oral drug for Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and enhance 13C magnetic resonance imaging for therapeutic research. Leveraging cutting-edge technological approaches, these endeavors aspire to make a positive impact on the fields of medicine and biomedical research.

Research assistant at the Biomimetic systems for cell engineering Research Group

Data límit: 20/06/2022
Ref: RA_EM

Biomimetic systems for cell engineering Group is looking for a for a Research Assistant. The contract will be within the framework of an ERC Proof-of-concept project (GUT3DPLATE), whose objective is the fabrication and validation of ready-to-use hydrogel in vitro models of tissue barriers using 3D bioprinting.

Reducing animal testing with 3D Bioprinting: European project BRIGHTER brings new light

The European project BRIGHTER, coordinated by IBEC, is developing a new technology to produce functional human tissues as an alternative to animal experimentation in the field of biomedical research. This light-based 3D bioprinting technology fabricates tissues by patterning three-dimensional cell cultures. In the future, it could be even used to produce organs in the laboratory.