Robotics on the radio

Robotics group leader Alicia Casals will be interviewed on the Catalunya Ràdio programme “El Café de la República” on Thursday 3rd November at 22:00. This popular evening programme discusses the news of the day and the ‘hot topics’ of the moment.

“From wood to bone”

Elisabeth Engel, Senior researcher in the Bio/non-bio interactions for regenerative medicine group, has been interviewed for her expert response to some research into bone regeneration conducted by researchers in Italy.

“Back pain and disc health ‘linked’ to lack of nutrients”

The Biomechanics and Mechanobiology group’s latest paper, published yesterday in PLoS Computational Biology, made the BBC news today. Andrea Malandrino, Jérôme Noailly and group leader Damien Lacroix’s paper, ‘The effect of sustained compression on oxygen metabolic transport in the intervertebral disc decreases with degenerative changes’ describes results that could help to predict the onset of spinal disc degeneration.