Recognition for the scientific work of IBEC researcher Alícia Casals

The bioengineer Alícia Casals, group leader of the robotics research program at the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC) will be recognized for her work as a research scientist in the “16 Científiques Catalanes” exhibition being organized by the Associació Catalana de Comunicació Científica.

Clinical Applications of Nanotechnologies in the Field of Cancer

Catalonia and the French regions of the Grand Sud-Ouest, the Auvergne, and the Rhône Alpes are well known for their cutting-edge projects in the clinical application of nanotechnology in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The clinical and technological researchers in this area have created a collaboration network, and a number of teams are working together on pluridisciplinary projects.

IBEC expands its research program with a new line of stem cell investigation

The control of stem cell potency is the line of research most recently incorporated into the IBEC program under the leadership of Ángel Raya, a research professor at the Catalan Institute for Research and Advanced Studies (ICREA). This project, which represents an expansion of the institute’s work in the field, now forms part of IBEC’s Cellular Biotechnology research program.

UK-Iberia Nanomedicine Workshop

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office Science and Innovation Network and the Spanish Technology Platform on Nanomedicine (Nanomed Spain) have organized the UK-Iberia Nanomedicine Workshop. The meeting will be host at the British Embassy in Madrid on Dec 10th and 11th.

New IBEC Research Facility

As part of its current strategic plan, the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC) is opening a new facility to accommodate four of its fifteen research teams.

Project Kick-off for a New Bioelectronic Nose

Advances in odour sensing technologies and artificial intelligence have given impetus to the use of smell in various fields, such as food safety, disease diagnosis, security, and the environment. Current electronic noses, based on electronic sensors, have considerable limitations in terms of sensitivity, reliability, and selectivity.

IBEC hosts Summer School 2009 of International Society for Olfaction and Chemical Sensing

The research team of Artificial Olfaction at IBEC, led by Santiago Marco, organized the Summer School of the International Society for Olfaction and Chemical Sensing (ISOCS). It was held from September 28th, to October 2nd of 2009, at Sant Andreu de Llavaneres, Barcelona, Spain. This Summer School was supported by the FP7 Neurochem European project, coordinated by the IBEC’s research team.

IBEC and IDIBELL Sign a Collaboration Agreement

The Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC) and the Bellvitge Institute for Biomedical Research (IDIBELL) have signed a collaboration agreement for the development of joint research projects.  The agreement is part of the BIOPOL project.

IBEC at Symbiosis – 14th European Congress on Biotechnology

IBEC will participate at Symbiosis, the 14th European Congress on Biotechnology, one of the largest and most relevant events of Biotechnology in Europe.  This congress is organised every 2 years by the European Federation of Biotechnology (EFB) in Barcelona. The IBEC Director, Prof Josep A. Planell, will be addressing the conference audience on Tuesday 15th September to explain the Institute´s mission and scientific programme.