First IBEC PhD retreat a great success

The invited speakers were Alfons Nonell‐Canals, CEO of Mind the Byte, who talked about ‘The thrill of being a scientific entrepeneur’; Dr. Vincenzo di Donato, Project Manager at ZeClinics, with ‘Jumping out from your comfort zone: straight from your PhD to Industry’; Pere Roca‐Cusachs, group leader at IBEC, with ‘How to progress in academia’; and IBEC postdoc Agata Nyga, who talked about ‘Surviving in research as an early career researcher: international perspectives’. There was also a workshop on ‘Molecules in the cloud: personalized medicine for everyone’ led by Mind the Byte.

It wasn’t all work, though. Social activites included a gymkhana, yoga, zumba and sightseeing, and of course a late night party after dinner.

“It was a huge success, above and beyond what we expected,” says Davia Prischich, a PhD student in the Nanoprobes and Nanoswitches group and PhD Committee representative. “Everything was very spontaneous, informal and fun. It was a lot of work to organize it, but it has also been a very enriching experience that has left the Committee very satisfied and proud.”