Generalitat’s education event held at IBEC

The visitors, who included the Consellera d’Ensenyament Irene Rigau, enjoyed demonstrations and explanations about IBEC’s research in biomaterials and robotics and the Nanotechnology Platform at a ‘mini-fair’ of stands manned by IBEC researchers, as well as visits to the labs in the Helix.

Afterwards they headed into the PCB’s Auditori Antoni Caparrós for the conference, during which representatives from the government’s Ordenació Curricular (Curriculum Planning) department presented support tools that help students to solve problems using scientific and technical knowledge, as well as mastering the processes of scientific and technological activity, to teachers. It included a talk by IBEC Director Josep Samitier entitled ‘La nanotecnologia aplicada a la medicina’.

Image: IBEC’s Olga Mur helps Consellera de’Ensenyament Irene Rigau get hands-on at the robotics stand, while other visitors and press look on.