IBEC Advocates for Open Science in Spain

IBEC will enhance its scientific information system and further implement its open science policy with the assistance of María de Guzmán from FECYT.

IBEC has been selected as a recipient of the María de Guzmán grant from FECYT, aimed at promoting excellence in scientific research. This funding is designated to equip universities and research centers with resources for the effective management of scientific information.

“The grant positions IBEC as one of the pioneering research centers in Spain for the implementation of the Open Science strategy.”

Teresa Sanchis

As one of the pioneering research centers in Spain, IBEC has implemented an open science strategy. This involves the adoption of innovative tools and work methodologies, including the endorsement of an open science policy, the establishment of a dedicated virtual space for open science on its website, and participation in the DORA and COARA initiatives. These initiatives strive to reform the research evaluation system by incorporating principles of openness and transparency.

The newly awarded project enables IBEC to implement essential changes, allowing the integrated management of various types of research-derived results, such as data, protocols, and open educational resources, among others, within a unified system. Integrations will extend to IBEC’s website and other open information systems (repositories, result aggregators, etc.), enhancing the comprehensiveness and quality of information on its scientific output. Ranked as the fourth-highest among the 29 selected projects, the implementation of this project is scheduled for 2024 and 2025.

“The grant positions IBEC as one of the pioneering research centers in Spain for the implementation of the Open Science strategy. We aim to be an active, committed, and engaged participant in this initiative, considering this tool a key element for its successful execution,” emphasizes Teresa Sanchis, Head of Strategy at IBEC.

Currently, the IBEC system facilitates the management of scientific publications arising from research activities at the center. The new platform will enhance the efficiency of managing IBEC’s complete scientific output, enabling the dissemination of results with increased transparency, quality, and timeliness.

“This grant will give a boost to the work that has been internally developed in recent years for managing IBEC’s research results. It will optimize their utilization and enable new functionalities, such as integration with the scientific information systems of the ecosystem,” explains Fidel Bellmunt, IBEC Knowledge Manager and project coordinator.

To enable scientific progress, it is crucial to collect and share the outcomes of research with the entire scientific community. This dissemination provides new insights that, in turn, foster further advancements. Traditionally, these results have been communicated through scientific publications, often with limited access for subscribers. However, the open science movement has gained prominence in recent times, highlighting the importance of sharing not only final results but also all components of research, including data, protocols, and educational resources. This inclusive approach significantly contributes to scientific progress by facilitating result verification and enhancing the utilization of research efforts, ultimately making the research more comprehensive and accessible.