IBEC and TU/e plant the seed of a promising partnership

On the ICMS side, managing director Monique Bruining introduced the centre, and researchers Jan van Hest, Menno Prins and Carlijn Bouten presented their work in the areas of nano, sensing and regenerative medicine respectively.

It’s planned that the similarities and complementary aspects of both IBEC and ICMS – their multidisciplinarity, active missions to connect with industry and clinicians, and strong research in nano, materials, molecular devices, supramolecular systems and regenerative medicine – may form the basis of an institutional-level alliance to share people, resources and knowledge.

“This action is part of our new Strategic Plan 2018-2020 in the area of IBEC’s international alliances and positioning in various ecosystems,” says Managing Director David Badia. “This kind of initiative strengthens our collaborations with top-notch centres and positions IBEC in partnership with them.”