IBEC becomes a benchmark communicating bioengineering on social media

Founded in 2005, the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC) is a center of excellence in research in bioengineering, a discipline that combines areas of science such as chemistry, physics or biology, with engineering, with the aim of contributing to solutions to health problems. Since its creation, IBEC has grown dynamically and decisively to become a benchmark not only at the national level, but also at European level. The model contemplated by IBEC is inspired by a new creative and innovative ecosystem based on the interaction between experts in research and different technologies, to generate new knowledge and engineering solutions in health technology. 

The knowledge accumulated by IBEC research groups is structured in three main fields of knowledge: nanomedicine, cellular and tissue engineering and ICT for health. All of them work at the service of science and society, to advance them in three main areas of application of Bioengineering: the medicine of the future, regenerative therapies and active ageing. 

But IBEC decided to reach the highest level not only in research, but also in areas of administration and management such as human resources, technology transfer and, of course, in communication. 

IBEC communication social media: the commitment to a diverse, attractive and inclusive model 

Beyond the activities of a press office or corporate communication, IBEC has developed from very early on, a whole series of communication activities with the aim of bringing research in bioengineering not only to the sectors that can directly benefit from it, such as academics, doctors or industrialists, but also to young students, curious people, patients, and society in general. 

That is why, among the many communicative activities of IBEC, the presence in social networks has been diversifying and growing. The result of this is the fact that between 2019 and 2021 the number of IBEC followers on social networks has doubled in number, reaching today 20.000. 

In this way, a growing number of people have been able to follow the news in research on such attractive topics as nanorobots against cancer, mini-organs against COVID, superelastic cells, or drones against natural disasters. But our followers have also been able to find out, thanks to our social networks, games that teach the microworld, superheroine comics or how we bring bioengineering to schools. 

Although there is still a long way to go, the growth of IBEC  on social media reminds us, as our superheroine IBBI always does, that BIOENGINEERING IS POWERFUL! 

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