IBEC group leader to head CMRB

With the resignation of director Prof. Juan Carlos Izpisua from the nine-year-old centre, Ángel will combine his new executive role there with his ongoing research activities at IBEC.

CMRB scientists have made important contributions in the field of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells) – which are just as versatile as embryonic cells but which can be obtained from adult cells such as stomach, liver or skin cells – and only a few months ago created human kidney cells from iPS cells. This breakthrough was heralded by the journal Science as one of the top ten scientific achievements of 2013.

“The continuation of Ángel’s research line at IBEC, linked to the biomaterials and cell engineering activities, while he takes up his directorate duties at CMRB offers stability to the Catalan and Spanish research system, and will allow the consolidation of the research programme in regenerative medicine that it has been developing in recent years in different research centres,” says Josep Samitier, Director of IBEC.