IBEC members on scientific committee for Next World

IBEC’s director Josep Samitier and Robotics group leader Alícia Casals are on the scientific committee of one of the main events of the Generalitat’s Tercentenary celebrations, which will attract hundreds of people from all over the world.

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The “Next World International Futures Studies Congress” will take place in late October 2014 and will bring together the world’s leading experts in future studies, a discipline that analyses and forecasts technological, political and economic changes and their impact on society.

Josep and Alicia are among the representatives on the pure sciences side of the committee, which also includes the UB’s Enric Canela and Ramon Gomis de Barbarà, Director of IDIBAPS, as well as a selection of top academics from the fields of economic and political science. The president of the committee is Princeton’s Professor of Politics and Public Affairs, Carles Boix, who originally hails from the region.

The congress will aim to place Barcelona at the centre of debate about future scenarios, strengthening Catalonia’s position of leadership on a global level, by “re-imagining the future of the country and the world, forecasting changes and, through its international reach, contributing decisively to give us global exposure”, according to the Commissar of the Tercentenary, Miquel Calçada.

The scientific committee held their first work session on February 20th.

See http://www.nextworldcongress.com/ for more information.