IBEC researcher in first class of d·HEALTH Barcelona

The 2013-2014 class selected for the programme, which is the flagship of Biocat’s MOEBIO initiative and is inspired by Stanford University’s prestigious Biodesign Fellowship, comprises 12 “brilliant young people” from the USA, Germany, Italy and Spain, who between them have 105 scientific publications, 18 professional awards and 6 patents.

d·HEALTH Barcelona aims to bring innovation to the Catalan health sector and put the city in the first division for innovation in medical technologies. Seventy international specialists will be responsible for training the fellows to identify clinical problems, design solutions and start up new, viable business models, products and services. The fellows will spend the first eight weeks observing doctors and patients at Hospital Clinic, Hospital Sant Joan de Deu and Institut Guttmann, in order to generate an ‘expense list’ of needs in the medical sector.

“I am delighted to participate in the programme because it will allow me to identify real, concrete needs in health care,” says Mateu, who is a senior researcher in IBEC’s Nanobioengineering group. “After this, the next step will be to invent, prototype and implement the best solutions to make a real change to peoples’ lives.”

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